Introduction to Git

Introduction to Git

Git is a version control system, git keeps the history of changes in our helps developers to work together.git is an opensource software developed by Linus Torvalds, creator for Linux operating system.

What is the version control system?

VCS is a software category which stores every changes or modification done in our code, stored in its database.if a developer had some bugs in the new version, he can switch back to the previous old version again to the run the code normally.there will be multiple developers for the single project, these developers work on different parts of the project, changes made by one developer may affect the code of another developer, to resolve all these kind of issues git come into play. by using git, each developer split the entire code to individual branches, they work and test those braches for any errors or conflicts, those branches will be committed to the actual live code

Git advantages

  • distributed development
  • changelog of every file
  • faster development
  • source code backups, useful to restore the old version of code, when new code fails
  • individual features for a single project
  • isolated environment for every change to our code
  • git works offline in our local machine
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