While loop in Java

While loop in Java
While loop in Java 1

while it can be used as an infinite loop too, the while loop executes the statements if the test condition is true. this process continues until the test condition fails(false). let us look into the while loop syntax


while(test condition)

here, as long as the condition is satisfied the statements between the braces are executed, let’s look into  a program for factorial and flow chart of while loop.we can use increment and decrement statements inside the while loop


While loop in Java 2


import java.util.*;
class whileloop
         public static void main(String args[])
            Scanner s=new Scanner(System.in);
            System.out.printf("Enter an integer :");
            int n1=s.nextInt();
            long factorial=1;
            while (n1 > 0)
           factorial *= n1; // factorial = factorial*number;


Enter an integer: 5
 Factorial= 120

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